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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Recruiting News: Courtesy of Ramblin Red

Just thought i would post the comment from Ramblin Red regarding Georgia Tech's 2007 recruiting class. Ramblin Red has some good insight about all of the recruiting information. I appreciate his comments, and i will post them here for all to see. In other news, looks like the Portland Trailblazers take Jarrett Jack over Sebastian Telfair with their moves in the NBA Draft. I'll have a write up later about that situation and try to get some quotes from the Blazers about Jarrett staying in Portland. Thanks again Ramblin Red, and thanks to all who support the site. Cant wait till October 15th!!

RamblinRed - Here is how i would describe the recruiting of the PG's.

Maurice Miller - IMO the most likely signee. Alot of mutual interest. Had a so so spring AAU which has kept some suitors at bay. Memphis is going hard after Derrick Rose so they haven't put much effort into Miller yet. Right now i would consider him a solid GT lean.

Chris Wright - continues to list G'town as his favorite, though GT is one of about 7 schools he mentions consistently. Not likely to make a decision anytime soon. Was at the Team USA under 18 trials that Hewitt is an asst for so they likely got some face to face time. DePaul coach Wainwright is the other asst and he is also recruiting Wright.

Tyrell Reed - interesting dynamic here. GT is sitting a strong #3 behind UNC and Kansas. If one of those two offer i expect them to be chosen ahead of GT, but both are scholarship strapped and haven't offered yet. If for some reason neither offers then GT is Reed's most likely destination.

Jamelle McMillan - His recruiting is very interesting. GT has made big strides in the last 2 months, helped not the least by the fact that Jack plays for Jamelle's dad Nate. Of course Nate is also close friends with new NC ST coach Lowe. Appears to be a 3 team race - NC ST, GT, AZ ST (Sendek) with an ACC school most likely.

McCamey - GT staff likes him but GT appears to be on the outside looking in.

Any of the first 4 could end up in ATL imo, it just depends upon how the dominoes fall.



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