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Monday, October 16, 2006

Georgia Tech Basketball Practice Notes

Just some practice notes from Jackets practice:

**Jeremis Smith has lost some weight thanks to a diet that he calls "The Coach Hewitt Diet". The diet is basically no sugar, no carbs, and no fried foods. Seems like all of the players on this years team are hungry.

**The dissapointment of last years record doesnt sit too well with the whole team. When the team was lacking some intensity the other day in practice, all it took was one of the players shouting, "11-17!!". The seriousness of these boys this season is impressive. They have something to prove, and they will be working their tails off to prevent another dissapointment.

Injury Report:

Mouhammad Faye - Has been cleared to practice ahead of schedule for his surgery repaired wrist. Faye will not be allowed to shot for a couple more weeks from any distance, but otherwise will participate in conditioning activities.

Anthony Morrow - Will not practice as he recovers from the stress fracture in his back. Not too much concern about A-Mo practicing. This injury is more of a "not taking any chances". Morrow could practice right now, but the staff will let this injury heal totally before he is back out there.

Javaris Crittenton - Has a strained achilles tendon, but is not limiting much of his practice. Javaris has been wearing a protective walking cast between workouts, but as coach Hewitt stated, "If there was a game to play today, Javaris would be on the court".

Tech Basketball starts anew
Faye cleared to practice for Georgia Tech


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