Georgia Tech Basketball 2006-2007: <center>3-0 Jackets face Purdue in Maui Invitational opener; 5PM ESPN2</center>

Sunday, November 19, 2006

3-0 Jackets face Purdue in Maui Invitational opener; 5PM ESPN2

The Jackets have been impressive against weaker opponents to open the season, and tonight we'll get a chance to see how good these jackets really are. Tech will again start 3 freshmen in Thaddeus Young, Javaris Crittenton, and Zach Peacock. We have looked very good in the first 3 games, especiall the last 2 games. So, what does this mean?? Well if you ask Paul Hewitt, he says the Jackets are ready. "If you ask the team would they rather be at the beach, or playing Purdue, they will all say, "Playing Purdue". Hewitt continued, "I like the intensity the team has brought to Hawaii". This will be Tech's first appearance in the Maui Invitational, but Paul Hewitt was part of the staff at Villanova when they won the tournament. Is Coach Hewitt superstitious?? Well he says no. "We are staying in the same hotel, so hopefully that is a good omen". I have been in Virginia, and have not been able to update the page as i would like, but this week will have plenty of updates. Here is the homepage for the Maui Inviational to get it started. Go Jackets and bury Purdue!!

The Maui Invitational Homepage

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