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Monday, November 27, 2006

Commentary: New College Basketball rankings prove some teams get more respect

Just last week, the #19 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets played in the Maui Invitaional in Hawaii. After a first round win against unranked Purdue, the Yellow Jackets took on #11 Memphis in the 2nd round. With a 92-85 win over Memphis, the Jackets advanced to the Championship game where they played currently #1 ranked UCLA. UCLA ended up beating us, but you could sense it was a great tournament for the team, and it would mean respect in the polls coming out this week. Well, well well, i guess when you're Georgia Tech, you really dont get the respect that The Duke's and Kansas' get. For instance, Duke was ranked 7th and 8th last week in the polls..they lose to Marquette......and now they are ranked 10th and 11th in the same poll. Syracuse, playing cream puff after cream puff continues to roll up the national ranking with a 6-0 record despite struggling in most of the games against WEAK competition. Kansas, who lost to Oral Roberts, but beat Florida is still a strong team according to the rankings at #5. Then you have Georgia Tech, who was ranked 19th in both rankings going in, and we go to the Championship game against UCLA, and are now ranked???? Ummmmm...............21st, and 23rd in the new polls???? Well, if this isnt bulletin board material for Paul Hewitt, then i dont know what is. Georgia Tech is definitely in the top 15 teams in the country. I am sick of the bias in the polls, especially for Duke, Syracuse, and UCONN. Another team who is ALOT better than 17 and 14 is Memphis. Guys i guess it wont matter come March but i can tell you for sure, that these Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets will be there!

ESPN / AP College Basketball Rankings, November 27th


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